IPV6 Training (Technical & Policy) is your 1st step to adopt IPV6 landscape works for your enterprise. it is the basic core that you MUST start with.

IPV6MENA offers "IPV6 Certified Training" that ranges between "Basic-Intermediate" & "Advanced" levels depending on the custom needs of clients. These training can be venue:  "indoors" (at our venue); "outdoors" (@ client locations) and / or @ "3rd party hosts" upon mutual agreement

IPV6MENA Training is targeted for : Top management (Policy) and IT dept. engineers (Deep techies). When needed we can assist you in establishing "IPV6 Task Force". 

 IPV6MENA certified training covers the full "IPV6 Landscape":

- Internet Introduction and how it works

- IPV6 Basics, Why IPV6 & IPV6 vs IPV4 Compassion

- IPV6 Protocol Suite Landscape

- IPV6 Packet Structure: Headers & Formats

- IPV6 Addressing: Notations, Types, Prefixes, Schemes

- IPV6 Device Configuration: Stateful, Stateless, DAD, ARP, ND & Extensions

- DHCP6 (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)

- IPV6 Routing Protocols: IS-IS, BGP, RIPng, OSPF6, etc

- IPV6 Migration Available Technologies: Dual-Stack, Tunneling, PT, etc

- IPV6 & DNS Issues: AAAA records, DNSSEC, Reserve Lookup, WHOIS, etc

- IPV6 Security Bundle: IPsec, IKE, etc

- IPV6 Multicast Issues

- IPV6 Mobility

- IPV6 Lab Setup, Configurations & Practices

- IPV6 Enabling for different OS (Windows, MAC & Linux)

- IPV6 Tools, APPS, IPAM (Address Managements) (Offline & Online) 

- IPV6 Network Management

- IPV6 Troubleshooting


IPV6MENA duration & timings for the training is adaptable upon your specific needs